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Writer's Block: Born to do it

Apr. 17th, 2011 | 11:56 pm
mood: tiredtired

What is your idea of the perfect job? Do you think you'll ever get it?

Being a protagonist in a video game. Or a historian.

Will I ever get to do either?

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Writer's Block: I wanna be just like you

Mar. 11th, 2011 | 01:17 am
mood: tiredtired

Was there ever a fictional character who you admired so much that you strived to be like him or her?

Oh man. Yes. I actually had a lot and I still have a few today. TBH, though, it was more that I wanted to go on the adventures/journeys they had more than I wanted to be like them, so.

If I were to name a couple:
****Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service (This one especially)*** (I think it was that one scene where she and Jiji were flying over the towns, playing the radio and they meet up with another witch. For some reason that just really sold me on the whole thing. Actually the whole flying scene/montage at the beginning)

Jane from Half Magic
The Boy from My Father's Dragon
Bit Cloud from Zoids

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(no subject)

Feb. 21st, 2011 | 12:59 pm

My journal has a really ugly layout. I have noticed this for 2+ years and still have done nothing about it. :|

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Two more days and I can do absolutely nothing...

Dec. 8th, 2010 | 10:34 pm
mood: anxiousanxious
music: Lengendary Theme (Acoustic) - Gitaroo Man

Hrrgggggg. Seriously, two more days of studying my ass off and I am home free to do whatever the hell I want for, like, three weeks. Joyous joyousness. And what am I going to be doing during that time?

Hanging out with friends, going to the gym, and playing video games. I'm taking the PS2 home so I can play nonstop and without my mom yelling at me for hogging the tv with the PS3. The fact that I am thrilled about this prospect is hinting at how lame of a person I am, but right now I am past caring. Hahahaha. Best part is I've got a whole line up of games I'm going to play~

And these are them (not in any particular order):
-Persona 3 (I WILL BEAT YOU)
-Gitaroo Man (BAD TO THE BONE it's on)
-Suikoden IV (Picked this up along with Gitaroo Man. I heard it's pretty short and the weakest of the series, but I've never played so :D)
-Persona 4 (replayin')
-Devil Summoner 2 (FFFFF Need to get on this)
- Persona 2: Eternal Punishment (when I get it for CHRISTMAS BITCHES)
-Silent Hill (when I man up enough. shjffdfdMidwich Elementary is so freaking creepy. And it doesn't help that I get jumpy. Thank God my dad is normally my backup of reason when I'm trying to get Harry to enter a building when 50 monsters are eating my heels and he decides it's a good time to not enter buildings.)

So, a lot of Persona. Yes.

And I can't wait to hang out with everyone when they come back home. :D

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(no subject)

Sep. 16th, 2010 | 10:34 am
mood: anxiousanxious


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Persona 3 teaches me so many things...

Aug. 26th, 2010 | 08:58 am
mood: annoyedannoyed
music: TiK ToK- The new P4 theme song

Namely say what your "friends" want to hear.

For example, there's a social link that revolves around this little girl named Maiko. Her parents are gonna get a divorce so she decides that she must run away from home so they'll come find her and make up or whatever. She reveals this all to Minato. You're suppose to pick "Go for it" to get maximum response and SLink points or whatever they're called. Then she goes something like "I'm gonna need to bring things like snacks and my health card." and the correct answer? "You don't need that stuff," and she goes "I didn't know running away was so easy!" :|

The magician social link so far (and I'm talking about Rank 5) is helping your bro Kenji, or as I have dubbed him Kendog (Kendawg for extra effect,) hook up with a teacher. Yes. This is not helping your biff get over his crush's death and possibly have him develop a crush on you  and being his first, and possibly only, best friend, but getting your classmate acquaintance not-friend-ever-really minato hates everyone friend an older girlfriend.

The only thing making up for the suck so far is Minato's responses. They always hover around being a total douche or being less of a total douche. Example C) Your sports friend Crazy McWeird Eyes invites you to hang out with him. Sweet. You go to meet with him, and he comments on how snazzy you dress. (Kendog also did that previously, but it's Kendog so, you know.) He then goes on to say "I should really buy some new clothes, but I can't give enough of a damn so I wear my track shit." Your choices: "1) That's crazy, 2) That's weird (or something to that effect,) and 3) Aren't you hot in that?" Picking "Aren't you hot in that" gets "Yuko tells me that all the time >Crazy McWeird eyes is disappointed." The only semi-nice option and it's the wrong one. ("That's crazy," is the right choice, BTW.) This means picking the right option during a scene where Minato is suppose to be consoling someone is easy, but any other conversation where all the answers look like something a total ass would say is twice as hard.

It's like "Oh, hey Minato, want to get some lunch with me?"
>I'd rather fuck a dog.
>Ok, but only because I know you're rich beyond sin and NO ONE WILL EVER LIKE YOU.

And the second option gets you a punch in the face.

This game also takes leaps and bounds to make me hate it more by....not offering social links with any of the guy teammates. Yes. It's just S.E.E.S. and the girls, but you need to max out your personality before you can tackle those hurtles (the girls, not S.E.E.S--you've got to take down bosses for that!) . Honestly though, I don't think I'm missing out on much. Junpei's a creeper, and though Akihiko's kinda okay....if you squint....he still doesn't sit right with me, like he'd be willing to sell out Minato for a new pair of brass knuckles or a blowjob. But still, shouldn't you bond with your individual party members so you can trust each other enough to believe that the other guy isn't gonna screw you over? Which I'm sure is going to happen almost every battle. Persona 3. *sigh*

However, the most depressing thing? People complain about the battle system, yet I don't have any issues with it. I'm sure I'm just setting myself up for failure here, I kind of guessed that a while ago when I couldn't be assed to attempt Tartarus until the night before a full moon (when your party members don't get tired whatwhat) until the rest of my team was basically begging me. Even though I've got to deal with Yukari not just knocking down all the shadows that are weak to her attack for a full on assult or Junpei deciding he wants to be nice by raising my defense for no reason, I've had no problems. Currently. The least liked element of the game is something I'm not struggling with? Gonna get fucked~

That still doesn't prevent me from wanting to buy a PSP and P3P just so I can play the girl's version and date everyone. Yeah! I know what I want out of a game! Story? Coherency? Likable, well rounded characters?

Also ProLay 3 is coming out soon. SO EXCITED.

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You know what? I'm kind of pissed off.

Jul. 8th, 2010 | 06:18 pm
mood: irritatedirritated

Ok so I decided to take it upon myself to buy Persona 3, and I have been playing it for, maybe, an hour. However, I went out of my way to buy the original copy IE not FES, which is apparently so much better that if it was a dog, the crap it produced would be equivalent to gold. So here I am sitting here with my disc getting slightly irate because not only did I drive out of my way to go to a different Gamestop to pick it up, but also because I was originally planning on getting FES in the first place. Why did I switch? That's the question I'm sure you're asking, at least, that's what I'm asking myself. The answer: because I misread the description of the new and improved game as "This is just a bunch of add on features, like when you buy an expansion pack. You'll need /both/ to be able to have the full experience." And I was like "fuck that," and laughed to myself about the sneakiness of video game companies and how /I/ was able to avoid the same fate many other saps must have suffered.

Since then P3 has made me eat those words. Hard.

But you know what? Fuck it. I'm going to stick by my copy and suck it up. I probably should have realised the reason why my version of the game was almost obsolete was not because it was OMGSORAREANDHARDTOBUY, but because it had lost in greatness to FES.

My opinions on P3 so far? (Like I'm sure anyone would want to know, but right now I'm in that state where nothing really matters except trivial things like video games and whether or not I should watch more Twin Peaks or actually go to the library and pick up Going Postal again.)

Castwise: I dislike just about everyone.
Yukari = Valley girl who's attempts at try to bond with MC are failing
Mitsuru = chain-smoker
the Chairman = An awkward, painful to watch man trying and failing to function in the real world. Also has an uncanny resemblance to Jesus, hence my friends and I have made him a Modern Day Jesus unable to cope with the "Modern Day" part
Atsurokiko Kanji creepy Clint Eastwood Akihiko= ? He seems distant, and a few short of a baker's dozen, honestly. I worry for the MC.
Junpei = I'm trying to like him. Really I'm trying. He's like a no fun Yosuke. With a goatee.
MC (Minato) = Looks like he just had a angry flounce with his parents for ONIGOD NOT UNDERSTANDING HIM, ran away with a Hot Topic and ended up in Port City? Gekkoukan? Inaba? Where are we anyways?

And the worst part is I could get over all of this, and I mean all of it, if they seemed to care about the Main Character just a little bit. A smidge. Anything. They just don't seem interested in letting Minato join in on their little party. I mean, sure, they invite him, but then they just kind of ignore him and when they /do/ acknowledge him it's only to give him a job opportunity he can't refuse. What is that? I know he's not exactly the most friendly looking person, but if he faints and goes into a coma for a week because he's saving SEES ass, and only Yukari visits him? That's a little cold. I'm not asking for a thank you parade or flowers, just maybe a little peek, a "you still alive?" visit.

I can't access party member info unless I talk to them. They have no "control me" option. What's with this "stick together" "split up" thing? And lastly, I really hope to God Mitsuru doesn't talk to me every time a shadow pops up. Also, I heard you get tired now from fighting. Welp, I guess that means I can't spend hours leveling up so I can take down the dungeon in a day. I'm gonna cross my fingers and hope it gets better.


Overall: Persona 4 is doing it better, but I'm still holding out, hoping for awesomeness.

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Sit down, John! Sit down, John! For godsake John siddown.

Jul. 4th, 2010 | 04:37 pm
mood: pleasedpleased
music: 1776 soundtrack


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(no subject)

Jun. 22nd, 2010 | 03:49 pm
mood: apatheticapathetic
music: Tsurupettan - Silver Forest

Oh Umineko, pulling crazy shit like this:

I mean, who wouldn't just randomly place Tsurupettan and Touhou in a manga/visual novel about gory killings and murder? Seems perfectly logical to me!

Now I'm debating whether or not I should cave and watch the novelly things on Youtube or continue with the manga. I fear I'll die slowly sitting through 100+ 10 minute parts of slow moving text, but the manga hasn't been all scanlated yet so I'll end up either waiting or looking at the RAWs and reading the visual novel anyways. Choices. ):

On another note, I really should be thinking of something to do with my time besides reading manga and fanfiction and then watching anime on Youtube. I need to get productive! Yeah! Children saving! ASPCA! Beached whales! Shower! *goes on TVtropes*

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I have just realised how whiny and bitter my journal is.

Jun. 3rd, 2010 | 08:51 am
mood: annoyedannoyed
music: Freeze Ray- Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog

*reaches in time and punches past self*

On a different note: is it Whiny? Whiney? Whingey? Whiunnnghgy?

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